Is Wisdom Teeth Removal An Emergency?

If your wisdom teeth are erupting and you believe they will need to be pulled, you may be asking if this is a dental emergency.

Find out everything you need to know about emergency dentistry here or contact an emergency dentist for assistance.

Emergency wisdom tooth removal

You Need Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction If You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is not considered a dental emergency if your wisdom teeth are properly positioned in your mouth and are not causing you pain or discomfort. It’s a good idea to have your wisdom teeth removed to keep your other teeth from shifting, but there’s usually no need for emergency treatment.

If your wisdom teeth are “impacted,” however, this is not the case. This indicates that they did not fully erupt. Impaction occurs when wisdom teeth cease emerging or grow sideways and are unable to erupt further.

This can result in symptoms such as pain and discomfort, as well as an increased risk of gum or tooth infection. If you have one or more impacted wisdom teeth, you should get them extracted as soon as possible.

Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth

So, how can you tell whether your wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be extracted right away? Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent indications and symptoms of wisdom teeth impaction right now.

Inflammation and soreness surrounding the tooth are two of the most prevalent signs of partially impacted wisdom teeth. Food and bacteria can get stuck between your wisdom tooth and your gum line because it hasn’t fully erupted, causing discomfort in your back teeth. Pericoronitis is the medical term for this condition. Partially impacted wisdom teeth can cause dental infections if left untreated. Serious pain and discomfort near your back teeth, sensitivity while chewing or biting, and jaw pain, swelling, or stiffness are all possible symptoms.

In the most severe situations, you may develop a fever, have difficulty moving your jaw, or feel bleeding around your wisdom tooth.


It’s possible that you’ll be able to return to your normal routine the next day. The pain you feel after wisdom tooth extraction will be mild to moderate, and in rare cases, severe. After a few days, it should be better. Most patients recover after 3-4 days, however, those with impacted or awkward-angle teeth may need up to a week.

Bleeding is also typical after wisdom teeth extraction, but it should be gone by the end of a week, just like the pain and swelling. If your symptoms do not improve after that period, do not hesitate to contact your dentist.


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